Terms and Conditions

  1. The renter needs to have their driving license for at least one year.
  2. Hiring charges should be paid in advance.
  3. No refunds are given after the contract is signed.
  4. Every vehicle is insured with basic, third-party liability.
  5. The company offers road assistance 24 hours /day.
  6. The renter is required to return the vehicle in the same condition as it was first rented. In the case of damages, compensation will be required.
  7. The renter is prohibited from driving the vehicle in a dangerous manner, in an unlawful way, under the influence of substances, off-road or with more passengers than legally stated (max. 2 per ATV / scooter). In such cases, the company has the legal right to withdraw the vehicles without refunds and also request compensation if needed.
  8. In the case of a break down or an accident, the company needs to be notified immediately; +30 6978833968, +30 2695063638.
  9. Any vehicle is prohibited from being driven outside of the island, without the permission of the company. Charges will be held if the renter does not comply.
  10. What is not covered by any insurance:
    1. Damages caused by the driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol
    2. Damages due to driving inappropriately, recklessly, or negligently
    3. Damages caused willfully or recklessly by the renter
    4. Damages that were caused because the vehicle was used off-road or in non-appropriate roads
    5. Damages due to traffic law violations
    6. Damages to the engine by wrong fuel or negligence
    7. Damages to or loss of any glasses, mirrors, tires, rims, hubcaps, antenna
    8. Damages to the underside of the vehicle
    9. Damages in the interior of the vehicle
    10. Damages caused by an unauthorized driver
    11. Loss of personal items
    12. Loss, damage, or theft of vehicle keys
    13. Loss or damage of any accessories
    14. Traffic fines or any other administrative sanctions that may result from any violation of the Greek Traffic Law
    15. If the renter at the time of the accident does not notify the company


Users are responsible to provide accurate personal information. The company shall not be held accountable in any scenario and it shall not provide any refunds in the case of misleading personal data provided by the customers online.

If the specific vehicle of reservation will not be available, the company will make sure to provide a similar option (same category, similar production year). If that is not possible, the company will provide a vehicle from an upgraded category, without any additional cost.

The company has the right to refuse clients if at the time of pick up they are deemed to be under the influence of substances, alcohol or in any way not liable to drive the vehicle responsibly.

The company has the right to break the lease if clients are found to be driving under the influence, recklessly or in ways that violate the Greek Traffic Law.